Home: an evolving ecosystem


The home of the future will be a constantly evolving ecosystem. According to a research by Frost & Sullivan (commissioned by Dassault Systèmes), in 2030 there will be over five connected devices for each user. Furthermore, the number of connected homes (homes in which at least nine connected devices are installed) is destined to increase fivefold in just five years, from 90 million in 2016 to 463 million in 2021. “The Home & Lifestyle sector is preparing to face radical changes with the arrival of the emerging technologies – explains Philippe Loeb, Vice President, Home & Lifestyle; Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail, Dassault Systèmes -. By 2030 we expect further revolutions, with a disruptive impact on products and services generated by 3D technologies, new materials, artificial intelligence, Internet of Experiences and connected products as wearable devices for health and wellness. In this world, the companies operating in household goods, fashion and style goods will need agile partnerships and, above all, a platform to innovate creating synergies among consumers, the Planet and their business”.