First edition of the “Product of the Year PULIRE 2019”


The organizers of the international fair PULIRE 2019 (Verona, Italy) have created an award to recognize the research activity carried out by the companies operating in the field of professional cleaning and the effectiveness of products placed on the market. The products selected for the first edition of the award “Product of the Year PULIRE 2019” are 33 (18 realized by Italian companies and 15 by foreign companies). All product categories are represented: 9 machines, 6 equipment and 7 products/accessories for the environment, 5 products for cleaning/maintenance/disinfection, 3 IT services, 2 components and finally, among the accessories, there is 1 candidacy. “These numbers give us confirmation of the intuition that moved the idea of the prize institution, giving voice also to the market. Because today the only look at the innovation of a product is limiting, if not seen in the implications of use and satisfaction – says Toni D’Andrea, managing director of Afidamp Servizi, the company that created the award -. The great news of the Product of the Year lies in recognizing in an exclusive way an article (machine, product, equipment, system) that had success on the market over the last year in relation to its performances”. The values on which the award is based are quality, reliability, eco-compatibility, efficiency in ergonomics and economy: they are different values but equally important, since they represent the characteristics sought by the customers. “The Product of the Year award also represents a way to stimulate, encourage and promote the study and commitment of the companies in research and results”, D’Andrea concludes.