The right gasket for any household appliance


For big and small sizes, simple and complex shapes: Dafa Italia offers sealing solutions that improve the performances of any kind of household appliance, reduce processing times and decrease costs.

Dafa Italia’s core activity consists in the development, production and sale of technologies for FIPFG, Formed In Place Foam Gasket, sealing, gluing and potting, i.e. the in-place realisation of two-components silicon and polyurethane gaskets. Fundamental solutions in the sector of household appliances, whose water-and dust-tightness properties are elements that in-depth determine quality and the possibility of lasting in time of an appliance.

Working in partnership with customers, Dafa Italia company provides a solution to each problem: “We reason with customers to find the best system worth using in their specific cases – Antonio Campi, managing director of the company explains – and the response comes from the accurate analysis of the product and demanded requisites”. According to these indications, we design and tailor-make the solution for the specific situation, allowing customers – manufacturers of small and big appliances – to grant impeccable gaskets.

“At the end of this course, and still in strict collaboration with customers, at DAFA Italia we carry out samplings directly on the piece, the pre-series and also productions of medium-big batches, thus providing also a manufacturing support that proves to be fundamental in the early phases of each design.”

Gaskets for all shapes and sizes, from the dishwasher to the coffee machine

The pump body is a very critical component of the dishwasher: it is a point where a big quantity of water flows, where a fully reliable tightness is fundamental and, besides, it must withstand eventual assemblies and dismounting in case maintenance interventions.  The operation of gasket manual assembly presents a very high percentage of error, besides being a laborious intervention involving very long times.

The demand submitted to Dafa Italia by the dishwasher manufacturer was precisely a sealing system able to reduce these risks and the high costs. Due to the solution studied by Dafa Italia the wished result has been reached: the gasket is automatically dispensed, it adheres to the substrate and the material assures the 100% springback. With environmental advantages, too: the material waste is close to zero and no solvents are needed for the plant cleaning.

From big to small: also in the case of coffee machines the gasket is a critical issue, owing to their particular shapes and sizes, too. Creations by designers, who experiment more and more attractive geometries to obtain original and impressive aesthetical results, correspond to real technical challenges to make each component functional and performing. In the specific case proposed to Dafa Italia by the buyer, the cover of the coffee machine was at stake, needing the possibility of stopping the steam flow from one environment to the other. Dafa Italia found the optimal solution also in this case, with a gasket whose material is automatically dispensed, expands on the piece and fixes with perfect junction points.

Times, costs and automation

Dafa Italia’s sealing procedure is executed fully automatically through the aid of robots, with consequent advantages of all kinds. From the technical point of view, especially in cases of complex geometries where the gasket thickness must vary compatibly with the component shape, automation allows the total control of thicknesses and of the entire operation at any time. Concerning times and costs, advantages are measured with double-digit numbers: the gasket manufacturing speed exceeds by even 20 times the manual one and costs can be even 10-time lower.