InSinkErator promotes the environmental protection


Today, on the occasion of the World Environment Day, established by the United Nations in 1972, the American multinational InSinkErator promotes the sustainability in the kitchen through its two latest products (the Evolution 250 garbage disposal and the 4N1 Touch tap) that simplify the life, contributing to the environmental protection thanks to simple daily actions. Positioned under the sink, the garbage disposal shreds the organic waste directly into the sink, reducing it to thin particles that can be eliminated without difficulty. There is no chemical process but only safe and silent mechanical movements. Still on the theme of the wastefulness control, the 4N1 Touch tap offers not only normal hot and cold water, but also cold filtered water and hot filtered water at a temperature that is close to boiling (88°-98°) , thus avoiding buying water in plastic bottles and wasting water waiting for the desired temperature to be reached.