Whirlpool: new industrial investment in Łódź


Whirlpool announced a new industrial investment in Łódź, dedicated to its oldest factory in the city, Cooking Plant, which celebrates its 20th anniversary. For the investment of about PLN 100 million, a modern production platform is being created, which will allow the production of the most technological and advanced free-standing cookers with attractive design. These appliances will be offered to Polish consumers and exported, among others, to demanding markets such as Scandinavian and American. “The 20th anniversary of the Cooking Plant is extremely important to us, because it testifies to the roots of Whirlpool in Łódź and it represents a good assessment of the local business environment – commented Szymon Krupiński, Director of the Łódź Industrial Zone of Whirlpool Company Polska -. At the same time, it is a great opportunity to share information on new investments. On one hand, the development of the factory is important for the people of Whirlpool who work here, spend their days and organize their lives thanks to working together. The planned investment may result in increased employment in 2020. On the other hand, investments in Łódź are crucial for the company’s operations in Poland”. The new investment was announced at the headquarters of the Łódź Special Economic Zone, in the presence of the authorities of the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland. Together with these partners, Whirlpool organized the 20th anniversary in Łódź.


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