Whirlpool EMEA against food waste


Whirlpool organized the 3rd “Moments not to be Wasted” that saw 1,600 primary schools engaged, 2,500 educational kits delivered to classes and over 1,300 entries received from primary school students. The edutainment project aims to rise the awareness amongst the new generations of the social and environmental value of food and the importance of not wasting it. The initiative involved Italy, Poland and Slovakia. “According to the European Union, the citizens of our Continent waste 88 million tonnes of food a year, worth over 140 billion euros. This being the situation, we’re more convinced than ever of the importance of ‘Moments Not To Be Wasted’, a project that’s involving more and more people every year and that after this year’s big success will be getting even more ambitious in future – says Karim Bruneo, Senior Manager Corporate Affairs, Whirlpool EMEA -. As European Health and Food Safety Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis said only recently, ‘we are what we waste’: each of us therefore has a duty to do their bit towards a change that’s getting ever more urgent. It is our duty, as a world-leading corporation, to contribute to this challenge, and this is why we see the struggle against food waste as a priority, in both our social responsibility and sustainability strategy and our product innovation drive for greater efficiency in food preservation and cooking”.