Slight growth for the German TCG market


The German market for technical consumer goods (TCG) was slightly positive in the third quarter 2019 on a year-on-year comparison, as reported by GfK Temax. In terms of revenue, the trend was +0.5 percent. Small Domestic Appliances continue to drive the market, though it is not a double digit growth anymore like in Q2. The results for this category show a growth in units and value. Considering the different appliances, in addition to the growth drivers vacuum cleaners (handsticks and robots) and hot beverage makers, the personal care products (especially hairstylers) had a positive impact on the market increase. Besides, Food Preparation and Dental Care could also increased their turnover. On the other hand, the negative trend for irons continued. As regards to the Major Domestic Appliances, they remain at a solid growth path and will probably end up with a better development than originally expected in 2019, thanks to a continuous trading-up to better featured products. The MDA market in the third quarter of 2019 showed growth in terms of sales units and value. Washing machines were very positive in the considered period. This product group is driven by the subsegment of washer-dryers, as well as by devices with high capacities. Cooking appliances are also growing, in particular the built-in ovens with pyrolysis function and higher capacities. On the opposite side, freezers were strongly negative in Q3 2019, which is due to an increased demand for combi appliances (refrigerator + freezer), and refrigerators showed an overall negative development.
The market for Consumer Electronics looks better than the quarter before, but revenues still show a negative development overall. Though there are a number of segments setting the trend and generating growth, as for example Bluetooth speakers and headphones. This is also true for Telecommunication. Wearables like smartwatches are the winning category. IT is slowing down a bit in terms of growth in Q3. Within IT, Ultrathin notebooks continue to show high demand.