Panasonic opened its 3rd flagship showroom


Panasonic recently opened its third flagship showroom in the world, Panasonic Center Hangzhou (China), following those in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. The space where visitors can experience a new lifestyle spreads over two floors with a total area of 1,033 square meters, featuring a simple and comfortable Japanese casual lifestyle. In the exhibition area, there is an array of Panasonic products covering every corner of life that will satisfy the needs of customers of all age brackets. “Showcased here are not only a range of appliances but various scenes in everyday life that consumers would hope to partake in – the company explains -. For instance, a home beauty salon, cooking classes in an open kitchen, a camera club for those who love taking pictures or shooting video – all are there for customers. Shiseido makeup and skincare cosmetics are also available and visitors can take a rest at a high-end coffee shop that is at the center of attention on the Web. In addition, Panasonic even allows visitors to have a mock experience of an elderly person’s life so that they can understand the health needs of the elderly and take better care of them. The facility provides a wide range of carefully curated experiences, through which Panasonic hopes to get closer to customers and grasp their needs. Based on what is learned here, Panasonic will explore new business frontiers and create new kinds of services to realize more personalized, ideal lives for customers”.