Samsung: new projects and products at CES 2020


Samsung Electronics showcases five innovative projects from its C-Lab Inside program as well as products from four start-ups participating in its C-Lab Outside program at CES 2020. C-Lab Inside is an in-house idea incubation program that encourages and nurtures innovative ideas from Samsung employees, which began in 2012. The new C-Lab Inside projects are focused on a convenient and healthy lifestyle. They include: SelfieType, a virtual keyboard solution using the front-facing camera; Hyler, a smart highlighter pen that digitizes text printed on paper; Becon, a home care solution for scalp treatment & hair loss prevention; SunnySide, window-shaped artificial sunlight; and Ultra V, an ultraviolet monitoring sensor and service.
Besides,C-Lab Outside (created in October 2018) began as a start-up acceleration program to vitalize the start-up ecosystem and create more IT and technology-driven job opportunities in South Korea. Leveraging the successful experience of C-Lab Inside, C-Lab Outside expands the support to include ideas and innovations from outside the Samsung network. The start-ups selected for the C-Lab Outside program are provided with financial support, business collaboration, and opportunities to participate in global IT exhibitions alongside Samsung. At CES 2020, the following start-up innovations are featured: Circulus, a companion robot that uses interactive technology; FITT, a healthcare data-based ICT service; Vtouch, a technology that controls objects with gestures using cameras; and Smoothy, a multi-party video call service that supports simultaneous video and voice.


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