GE Appliances presented its latest version of Kitchen Hub


GE Appliances, a Haier company, presented its latest version of Kitchen Hub, an interactive smart kitchen and ventilation system. Now with a built-in microwave, the next gen Kitchen Hub boasts an additional third camera inside the oven that’s integrated into an Artificial Intelligence computer vision cooking technology, creating a cutting-edge digital cooking experience. The new AI technology will help the home chef select a recipe based on available ingredients detected by a camera, raise or lower oven temperature, note any missing ingredients etc. GE Appliances’ integrated AI powered computer vision technology will assist families with the planning and making of meals, while also utilizing ingredients before they spoil. The next gen Kitchen Hub is a 27-inch smart touch screen, 1.9 cubic foot microwave and ventilation combo designed to easily fit in the space above the range. “Consumers can use cameras to interact with friends and family, snap and share their culinary masterpieces, and even determine when their meals are done while viewing the inside of the oven from their couch – the company explains -. And if cooking isn’t entertaining enough, the Kitchen Hub Micro provides access to popular apps, such as Netflix and Spotify. The addition of the microwave into the next gen Kitchen Hub allows the user a full-service kitchen experience”. The Hub features include: built-in Google Assistant, access to thousands of recipes through SideChef, live video chat functionality with multiple camera angles, a camera located inside the oven, connectivity to other smart home devices, interoperability with other connected appliances etc.