Whirlpool’s initiatives to fighting food waste


A more sustainable diet can contribute to saving our planet and everyone must play their part, as only by tackling food waste together there can be a real and long-lasting impact. This is the commitment that institutions, civil society and businesses insisted on during the event “Let’s not waste food: for a more sustainable diet”, which was held in Milan and saw the presence of the main actors involved in the fight against a dietary model that is no longer acceptable. A central role in tackling food waste can be played by the private sector. Whirlpool EMEA is strongly committed to fostering product innovation and spreading a culture of sustainability, implementing projects that have a real impact on the communities in which it operates. As proof of its ongoing efforts to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the company announced the fourth edition of Moments Not to Be Wasted, a recreational and educational project that in its latest 2019 edition involved 1 million people and over 1,600 primary schools throughout Italy, Poland and Slovakia, with the purpose of raising awareness of the social and environmental value of food among the younger generations, along with the importance of not wasting it. The fourth edition has grown, reaching the UK and engaging a total of 2,500 schools and 2 million people in Europe. To further strengthen its commitment in the fight against food waste, Whirlpool EMEA has renewed its membership of Spreco Zero, the European awareness campaign for sustainable consumption by Last Minute Market, the association promoting – in partnership with the Ministry of the Environment – the National Day on this issue. In this perspective, the partnership with the “Fondazione Banco Alimentare” continues: Whirlpool EMEA supports the Organization in the recovery of food surpluses and their redistribution to charities. Besides, “in 2018 – the company explains – Hotpoint launched its EMEA-wide ‘Fresh Thinking for Forgotten Food’ campaign, together with brand ambassador Jamie Oliver, to raise awareness on the global issue of food waste and inspire consumers to take an active role in reducing waste at home. The cross-platform campaign, now in its third year, supports the brand’s vision for a better Food Care Culture, promoting the enjoyment of great food while cutting back on waste at every step of the food journey, such as how we buy, store, cook and recycle food items. Innovative technology plays an important role in this journey, and Hotpoint aims to be a part of the solution by helping consumers better preserve and cook their food with its high-quality appliances. With the ongoing Fresh Thinking campaign, Hotpoint and Jamie Oliver seek to encourage consumers to make more mindful decisions in the kitchen and minimize household food waste through educational and inspirational content, such as exclusive recipes and cooking tips”.


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