LG: home appliances that take care of themselves


To ensure that its home appliances maintain optimal performance and over a span of many years, LG is introducing a number of products that are smart enough to take care of themselves. For example, the Filter CleanBot built into LG’s newest premium air conditioners in Korea employs the same technology as LG’s CordZeroThinQ Robotic Vacuum R9 to keep the filter’s surface free of dust. Switching on at 56-hour intervals, the Filter CleanBot allows LG’s air conditioners to keep performing at their best while also saving users from the task of manual dust removal. Another example is the water purifier: LG PuriCare has an UV LED light that activates automatically every hour to prevent the build-up of contaminants, cleaning and sanitizing the tap to eliminate 99.9 percent of harmful germs. Users can also activate the five-minute sanitizing process manually by pressing the Self Care button. Finally, LG’s smart ovens advise homeowners through the ThinQ app when to clean and which cleaning cycle (Self Clean or Easy Clean) will be most effective in a particular situation. Besides, LG’s new cooktops provide helpful tips on how to remove cooking debris from its surface, while LG’s latest dishwashers offer no-fuss Machine Clean cycle to eliminate stubborn water spots and grime from the interior. In addition, the new Proactive Customer Care service is an AI-based solution that assists LG appliance owners in maintaining the health of their compatible product. The service can provide helpful tips on everything from installation to basic maintenance, expedite a technician visit if required, and alert users by smartphone if their appliance is not functioning as expected.


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