InSinkErator: social campaign for sustainable water consumption


On the occasion of the World Water Day (March 22nd), which this year happens in a very critical situation for the Planet, InSinkErator launches an innovative campaign on the social networks to raise public awareness of sustainable consumption of this important resource. Here are some tips/posts that will be posted in the weekend on the brand’s social profiles all over the world:
1 – Kettles can waste water and energy so don’t fill them unnecessarily. Better to use a tap like InSinkErator 4N1 Touch that offers instantly water at 99°C.
2 – Set a timer with the mobile phone before taking a shower. Every minute you spend in a power shower, consume up to 17 liters of water.
3 – Do not leave the tap open, use it only when you need it. Save 6 liters of water per minute by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth.
The campaign invites consumers to leave a comment, an advice or tell a story that can help others because it is a problem that concerns everyone.


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