Hoover H-FREE 500 wins a Red Dot


Hoover H-FREE 500 is among the winners of the Product design 2020 section of the prestigious Red Dot Award. H-FREE 500 is the compact, lightweight and functional cordless stick launched by Hoover in 2019: thanks to its slim silhouette and its weight of only 1.5 kg when lifted, the product is able to reach every corner of the house. H-FREE 500 combines reduced dimensions, efficiency and high performances: the H-LAB brushless motor provides consistent power output with strong suction to pick up fine dust, larger debris, hair and pet hair, with an autonomy of up to 40 minutes, without the use of cords, guaranteed by the lithium battery. Besides, the 3in1 accessory stored on board makes it easy and extremely comfortable to clean all kind of objects and surfaces in all kind of position and space. The Hoover Wizard App completes the package of solutions offered by the product.


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