Mentor ME, the digital teaching of Mitsubishi Electric


Mitsubishi Electric has made Mentor ME available to the technical Italian schools. It is a totally free online platform created with the aim of providing the young people with e-learning and smartworking tools in the sectors of Industrial Automation and Air Conditioning, for a new experience of school-work alternation. In the difficult moment we are experiencing, this tools offer students the opportunity to access multimedia contents and allows teachers to guarantee continuity in training. Having started the testing phase in September 2019, Mentor ME has already involved almost 100 technical schools and over 1,300 students, and over 45 teachers have introduced this tool into their institutes. Mentor ME consists of an introductory module about the activities and processes of Mitsubishi Electric. Then, teachers choose the most suitable path for each class between Industrial Automation and Mechatronics or Air Conditioning. The e-learning part includes a session to deepen the subject and a final verification test. The most operational aspect of the training is accomplished with a smartworking activity in which students will have to carry out a real project, applying – as if they were working in a company – the knowledge acquired.
In Italy Mitsubishi Electric is committed to supporting not only the school: the company has decided to donate 100,000 euros to the hospitals “San Gerardo” in Monza and “Papa Giovanni XXIII” in Bergamo (through the CESVI association) to help fight Covid-19.