Elica’s initiatives for the Coronavirus emergency


Elica has promoted a series of initiatives to offer its contribution in responding to the Coronavirus emergency. The company has activated an insurance policy for all employees: it allows to have an economic allowance both in case of hospitalization and in convalescence, together with a subsequent assistance which includes, among other things, also a domestic worker, a babysitter and the grocery delivery at home. Furthermore, Elica proposes two initiatives created specifically for this phase in which it is necessary to stay at home: “Elica Future Stories” and “Elica Sunday Tips”. The first initiative, online on Elica’s Instagram channel, is a collection of images and stories set in different Italian cities to look beyond the emergency and rediscover the pleasure of reading. Besides, every Sunday morning, starting from April 12th, Easter day, and for the following eight weeks, always on Instagram it will be the time for the “Elica Sunday Tips”. There will be videos made by two professional chefs, Simone Finetti and Stefano Ciotti, who will post tips and tricks to better cook the “basic” preparations for perfect dishes. Both will also launch a digital challenge, a call to action, asking other professionals to join the project by dispensing their advice.