InSinkErator for the Earth Day


It is now clear that the defense of the Planet also passes through daily habits and conscious choices, especially in this period of forced quarantine. On the occasion of the Earth Day 2020 (April 22nd), the American multinational InSinkErator offers a real “handbook against wastefulness”, divided into four parts, to help preserve the environment: store food properly, dispose of food waste with a garbage disposal, limit the use of plastic bottles and use smart taps. Preventing waste by better preserving food is the fundamental starting point. The UN reveals that 1.3 billion tons of food are thrown away every year and that the largest part of food that ends up from the shopping cart directly into the trash is concentrated in the domestic kitchens. Furthermore, also the waste disposal has a cost for the environment: a possible solution, suggested by InSinkErator, is the garbage disposal appliance, which manages the organic residues by shredding them until they are reduced to a semi-liquid stage and eliminating them through the sink drain. Finally, one of the historical enemies of the environment is plastic which, after steel and concrete, is the third most widespread human material on Earth. InSinkErator highlights that a return to glass bottles and canteens is desirable. In parallel, it is advisable to install in the kitchens the latest generation taps such as the 4N1 Touch series which dispenses not only filtered water but also water at a temperature of 99°, helping to avoid the use of plastic bottles and the water waste.