The role of communication to preserve stable relationships


High computerization and outstanding organizational flexibility have allowed Italcoppie Sensori to overcome the most arduous moments of this year. Now, in a context made even more challenging, it operates with its customers and suppliers as reliable high-tech quality partner.

Italcoppie Sensori supplies temperature probes for various applications, which range in a very broad number of market sectors even highly differing one another. It manufactures almost 4 million probes in the lapse of one year and it has extended its production on three factories (Italy, Tunisia and Brazil). 

Italcoppie has faced the Coronavirus emergency constantly updating its way of working, to preserve workers’ health, the company’s most precious heritage. 

The company has unceasingly invested in the computerization of its manufacturing processes and therefore it succeeded in activating all employed team’s smart working in few days. 

Concerning the staff operating in-house, already since February 24th they have introduced distancing measures, strong limitations to accesses from the outside and limited mobility inside the company. 

Due to urgency and need reasons, the company has guaranteed the production of temperature probes for medical equipment like artificial respirators, sterilizers and hemodialysis machines. 

Italcoppie has always privileged a stable relationship with its suppliers because also their contribution is fundamental to preserve the manufacturing quality. Therefore, since the beginning, it has been committed to comply with payment terms without further delays. Fulfilling its commitments with suppliers is a responsibility act for the community and then also for our company. 

“We think that this crisis has radically changed the company’s presence on the market” explains Vittoria d’Ippolito, who takes care of marketing in the company. “Next months, we all will be committed to develop new forms of communication to create new contacts and to maintain our relationships with customers. Our sale structure has increased the presence on social networks, making use of audio-visual material. We have created two business pages on both Facebook and on Linkedin, to obtain a virtual company bulletin board, besides the possibility of entering the wide documentation displayed by our site”.


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