The online live talks of Well-being Revolution


“Well-being Revolution” is a campaign created by some important companies – including Faber and Frigo 2000 – joined to promote design as the essential tool to create the best living experience, through six online live talks (from May 27th until July 2nd). The companies teams up with the aim of telling the values of an industry that represents one of the Italian qualities par excellence. What is generally defined as “good design”, in fact, now more than ever could play a key role in optimizing domestic spaces and introducing important new services to people. The home is quickly becoming a small “city”, a perfect and personalized machine, made up of furnishings, services, collective and private areas, and smart technologies, with elements that must be properly studied and optimized to allow maximum personal well-being. Each talk, live on Zoom, focuses on a different area of the home or on a different way of living: the companies, moderated by an expert, discuss each theme and talk to each other to give the best design solutions. On June 17th there will be the talk “Comfort and technology in the kitchen” with the participation of Frigo 2000, while on July 2nd there will be the talk “The well-being in the kitchen” with the participation of Faber.