Performance of the Italian Tech markets in the Phase 2


During the live event “Towards a new normal: the trend of the Tech markets in the Phase 2“, GfK experts has shown the current trends in Italy. In particular, Fabrizio Marazzi (Lead Market Insight) showed the evolution of the Italian TCG market in the recent months: from the positive signs of the first weeks of 2020, to the decline that characterized the whole lockdown period up to the recovery that began on May 4th, the first day of the Phase 2. During the week from June 8th to 14th, the data collected by GfK on the Retail Panel Weekly showed a growth of +24% in value compared to the same period of last year. If during the lockdown the online channel had mainly grown, with the Phase 2 the physical stores also grow significantly. In addition, with the Phase 2 all the most important Tech products by turnover started to grow again, but in the first months of the year the various sectors reacted differently to the Covid-19 emergency. IT e Office had the most positive performance: thanks to smart working and online school this sector has grown overall by +41% since the beginning of the year. Also the Small Appliance sector was positive: it registered +10% in value compared to the same period of 2019 thanks to the positive performance of the appliances for food preparation, personal care and home cleaning. The trends from the beginning of the year of Major Domestic Appliances, Telecommunications and Consumer Electronics are still in the negative area, even if the growth recorded since the end of the lockdown has made it possible to at least partially recover the losses. Finally, the Photo sector continues to suffer.


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