GE Appliances: high standards in the IoT security


GE Appliances was recognized by UL for achieving a gold level IoT Security Rating. “This rating – GE explained -, as evaluated by UL, demonstrates security capabilities for GE Appliances’ connected products, GE Appliances Powered by SmartHQ, across brands, including GE, GE Profile, Café, Monogram and Haier”. The IoT Security Rating is a security verification and labeling solution for consumer IoT products. UL’s solution aims to help manufacturers and developers demonstrate the security due diligence of their products by leveraging proven security best practices and rating the security posture of IoT products. This helps to improve the transparency of security with consumers and to assist them in making conscious and informed purchasing decisions. “At GE Appliances, we are committed to ensuring the security of our connected appliances and protecting consumers’ data. We incorporate advanced security principles into our product development process, conduct security vulnerability testing and encourage security researchers to provide us with feedback – said Shawn Stover, executive director, SmartHome Solutions, GE Appliances -. We’re extremely pleased to have achieved the gold level of UL’s IoT Security Rating, and we believe the added third-party assurance helps ensure our customer’s peace of mind against security threats”.