Candy’s “Simplify your cooking” campaign


Candy launches the “Simplify your Cooking” web and social campaign: twenty video recipes that will tell how to cook simple and tasty dishes with the help of appliances that simplify the consumer experience. With Simplify your Cooking, Candy creates video contents with the aim to entertain, train and involve the consumer in real digital cooking schools with two hero products: the Smart Steam oven and the Wi-Fi induction hob. The videos will be a real journey into “the kitchen according to Candy”, which evokes a typically Italian style in the design, intuitiveness and connectivity of the products thanks to the support of the simply-Fi app which, in addition to some tips, proposes hundreds of recipes created by Italian chefs. Once recorded, the video recipes will be inserted into a dedicated library to become the basis of a real “Cooking School” that Candy puts at the service of consumers. The project includes a communication plan on the social channels Facebook and Instagram. Besides, consumers will have the opportunity to access the landing page dedicated to the Simplify your Cooking project on the Candy brand website.