Getting the way back: Satiplugs vision


“We must find the energy to leave the storm behind and to look at the future”: Rosaria Villa, marketing manager of Satiplugs, molding company of electrical cables with plug for the industrial sector, has no doubts: Italy has all papers in order to start again and to recover the right spirit to overcome this hard period.

“In the recently lived situation, which has turned the world upside down, and consequently our companies, Satiplugs has withstood the blustering winds with the tenacity and the passion our team has dedicated to the company.

We managed to get through this period we would like just to forget but, if we analyse it attentively, it might have taught us something.

Now, we have just to think of the future, to grow and to be again that nation that shortly ago was acknowledged on a world scale as one of the best manufacturers, due also to entrepreneurs who, also in this period, have done and are doing the impossible to save their activities.

We must get back and travel again the “highways” that we have been able to build very well since the ancient Rome.

The invitation to get on our feet again, leaving fear behind and recovering our normal routine, comes also from the image that accompanies the message. In the photo, we can see some brioches close to plugs: daily life objects to communicate a serene return to activities and to work.


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