Electrolux relaunches Continental brand in Brazilian market


Electrolux Group relaunches its Continental brand of home appliances in the Brazilian market, introducing a new generation of products. The relaunch, following a period of investment since its acquisition by Electrolux in 2017, comes at a time when demand for affordable home appliances in the Brazilian market is high. Continental’s return includes a new product line for the kitchen that adds functionality, design and durability. With new price ranges introduced, the portfolio has 27 products including stoves, cooktops, built-in ovens, refrigerators, microwaves and ducted and ductless range hoods and will be available at retailers nationwide. As well as new products, the relaunch includes a new brand campaign that encourages people to consider taking more equal roles within the kitchen and home environment. Four films have been created that bring to life different day-to-day situations and show how the brand is back with updated solutions and thoughts. Continental will also invest in projects and social initiatives that support the deconstruction of stereotypes that impact people’s lives in contemporary society. “We’re very proud of the relaunch of the Continental brand in the Brazilian market – said Ricardo Cons, CEO Latin America and Executive Vice President Electrolux -. We are not only expanding our operations with a greater offer of products for the consumer, but also building a new chapter in the history of such a respected brand in our country by encouraging new ideas about roles within the home and family”.


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