The innovative interface of Candy Nova


Nova is the new connected washing machine launched by Candy. Its innovative interface only apparently is without display. The appliance concentrates all its functions in a single button: what is the secret? By clicking the “On” button in the centre of the interface, and activating the remote control, the washing machine is able to automatically connect to the brand-new hOn App, which instead has a very rich interface, designed to manage all the features of the product from the smartphone, or from Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice assistants. The launch of Nova starts from the analysis of users’ preferences and habits: according to a survey conducted by Candy, based on data collected from the use of its connected products and the App, currently 21% of people start washing cycles through their smartphone. The survey also shows that 70% of people say they increasingly want new washing programs and appreciate the tips and suggestions of the Apps. Nova, with the support of hOn, provides a rich list of over 60 washing cycles, able to wash every type of garment or fabric, as well as offering the Snap&Wash function, which recommends the ideal washing cycle through a simple photo of the laundry. Nova can offer over 500 tips and tricks dedicated to washing – such as tips to remove a stain, to wash a coloured shirt, to choose the best detergent or to remove a filter to clean it. The appliance creates personalized washing cycles quickly and easily, by selecting the desired features through the hOn App. Candy Nova, also available in washer-dryer version with more than 20 additional cycles dedicated to drying, is equipped with an Inverter speed drive motor that guarantees high washing standards and energy efficiency.


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