Samsung air conditioners: the service has been awarded


As regards to the air conditioning after-sales assistance, Samsung has obtained the first place in the ranking “Best in Italy – Service Champions 2020/2021” realized by ITQF (Istituto Tedesco Qualità e Finanza). For each analyzed market, a Service Experience Score (SES) was calculated on the average service, which indicates the average share of Italians who judge the service as “Very Good”. Companies that obtain a score above the average receive the “Top Service” quality seal. The company that obtains the highest score in the entire market to which it belongs receives the “N.1 Service” seal. Samsung has achieved this result for the after-sales assistance of its air conditioners in the Home sector, a result that reconfirms the one achieved last year. On the AirCon channel, Samsung has shown that it is close not only to consumers, but also to partners and suppliers: the company has created Samsung AirCon Academy which has been offering training since 2017. During the various phases of the pandemic, Samsung AirCon Academy has continued to guarantee training through online courses.


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