Electrolux is part of the 50L Home Coalition


The 50L Home Coalition is a platform bringing business, government and organizations together to innovate solutions for responsible water usage in the home. The partners have the vision to make 50 liters of daily water use per person an aspiration for all. Electrolux is part of the platform which will address two of the most pressing global challenges: water security and climate change. “We’re on a quest to offer the most water and energy-efficient home appliances and empower consumers to live more sustainable lives, so it’s a natural fit for us to join the 50L Home Coalition”, said Jonas Samuelson, Electrolux CEO. “Since we’re directly involved in a significant part of household water consumption, we have a responsibility to face the water scarcity challenge and an opportunity to realize the benefits of water efficiency, such as reduced energy consumption”, Samuelson added. Following the launch of the platform, Electrolux will contribute towards the creation of a 50L model home concept, strengthening innovation in water efficient solutions and making the most efficient technologies accessible for more people.