The innovation challenges according to Oldrati Group

Giacinto Di Stefano, Product Manager of Oldrati Group

Innovation is a key factor for the development and on this belief the Oldrati Group (active in the production of rubber, plastic and silicone products) has built its company history. In fact, the Group has always been committed to the research and development of innovative materials and processes for every industry in which it is present, including the household appliances sector. But what is innovation for Oldrati? “Innovation in Oldrati is a word that contains many meanings – explains Giacinto Di Stefano, Product Manager of Oldrati Group -. It represents the research & development which, together with our customers, allows us to design new molds, create new materials, such as the biocompatible materials for the medical sector or the food contact materials. Or everything related to the production process of eco-compatible solutions”. In the field of sustainability, the Group recently presented the eco-sustainable rubber Oldrati Ogreen: it is a technological innovation that makes it possible to produce quality rubber products using regenerated rubber (for example for the seals of dishwashers). The advantages concern the decrease in the consumption of virgin resources, therefore the reduction of waste with consequent reduction in the transfer of material to the landfills. As regards to the next challenges to be faced, according to Giacinto Di Stefano they focus on two main areas: working on technologies, processes and materials that are increasingly compatible with the environmental needs and the e-mobility. A product like Ogreen and Oldrati’s ability to provide solutions for the metal replacement projects (i.e. replacing heavy car components with components made of lighter polymers) show the Oldrati Group’s commitment to help overcome the challenges.


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