Hoover has launched its new range of air purifiers


Hoover has launched its new range of air purifiers on the Italian market, consisting of the H-PURIFIER 300, H-PURIFIER 500 and H-PURIFIER 700 models. The main strengths of these products are the accurate monitoring level of the air quality, a 3-level filtration system and the ability to generate a constant and 360 degree air flow, able to purify the home environment quickly. These appliances use advanced technologies and allow constant updating of internal and external detection data thanks to the sensors and the app, to guarantee the best performance and automatically activate the product in the event of critical levels of dust, pollen and allergens. The entire range can be managed, monitored and activated remotely through the hOn app, the new platform launched by Haier Europe. In addition, the H-PURIFIER 500 and H-PURIFIER 700 models are equipped with a nebulizer capable of diffusing hypoallergenic and natural essences to perfume the environment (H-ESSENCE) or a mixture of probiotics (H-BIOTICS) to help contrast microbes and bacteria. Finally, H-PURIFIER 700 also has a humidifier, which can be customized according to three humidity levels (40%, 55% and 70%).