Samsung Trend Radar on the changes in daily life


Samsung Trend Radar (#cambiaprospettiva), through a study conducted in Italy with WOA (Web Opinion Analysis) methodology on 2,000 consumers between 20 and 50 years old, investigated how technology can support, not only in everyday life, but above all in the difficult moment we are living through, leading people to look at the world with a new perspective. 45% of respondents say that in this period technology is essential for the everyday life and over half use it much more than in the past. Technology has helped 71% of respondents run errands that they previously thought they could only do out of home; instead, for 65% of respondents the technology allowed them to stay in touch with friends and colleagues even without seeing them in person; 59% found that they could use an ecosystem of connected devices and started exploiting its opportunities, while 53% of the panel understood how to optimize the time by working from home and 49% continued to keep fit thanks to apps and smartwatches. The “key” device for the change was the smartphone according to 74% of Italians, followed by TV (67%), notebook (55%), smartwatch (49%) and refrigerator (42%). They are devices that have also made known new services that were not much used before: from entertainment and streaming platforms (65%) to platforms for video calls and virtual meetings (57%), from the apps for shopping (55%) up to digital payments (51%). 2020 has made people understand how much life will be increasingly interconnected and how technology has now become a fundamental ally for the everyday life. In fact, 69% of respondents said they have become aware of the technological opportunities that innovation makes available only after these difficult months, and 51% admitted that, even if they were aware of those opportunities, they had never exploited so much the technological potential. Changing perspective thanks to the technology has made it possible to plan the various activities in advance without being caught unprepared (51%), to make energy savings real and concrete by optimizing costs and time (56%), to manage the connected appliances at any time and place directly from the smartphone (62%) and to create a real ecosystem in the home (67%). Today, in fact, the advantages of the smart appliances are known and the consumers interact more with them: more than half of the interviewees use TV (65%), vacuum cleaner (56%) and oven (52%) more than ever. Finally, 74% of the panel said they will not go back to old ways.