Push & Go technology in the new Indesit washing machines


Indesit‘s new Push & Go washing machines can remove over 20 types of stains with a 30°C program (for example food, grease, wine and coffee). Push & Go offers an effective and simple technology, which brings together the selection of the program and the temperature in a single button, allowing to obtain good results in just 45 minutes. Indesit makes this possible thanks to an approach to the product design in which the most used functions are quickly accessible through a single control. The new range of washing machines offers a redesigned and intuitive control panel with all the main features immediately visible and with a special 30ºC zone to highlight the energy saving cycles. In addition, the Push & Go washing machines are equipped with an inverter motor and the Water Balance Plus sensor that optimizes the water consumption during the cycle. Finally, the design is ergonomic, with one of the largest portholes on the market.