LG’s new solutions for indoor air quality

LG Artcool

To meet the new needs resulting from staying more time at home, LG has created a series of products designed to monitor the indoor air quality and make the air healthier. LG presented these appliances in a webinar that took place during MCE Live + Digital. As regards to the residential area, LG showed the Atmosfera, Artcool and Deluxe air conditioners, as well as the LG PuriCare air purifiers. All these products are equipped with integrated wi-fi and they can be managed, through the SmartThinQ app, at home (it’s possible the voice control) and outside. Furthermore, user can also check the home air quality. Atmosfera and LG PuriCare are equipped with an integrated PM1.0 sensor that detects ultra-fine dust and shows the level of air quality via different colors. In addition, the integrated ionizer emits negative ions, beneficial to health, which eliminate pollutants. The activation of the ionizer takes place only if the sensor detection requires it. As regards to the filtration systems, Atmosfera has a HAF magnetic filter which captures, by means of electrostatic attraction, the dusts guaranteeing 99% of the purification in less than two hours. The LG PuriCare products, on the other hand, combine Hepa H13 filter and activated carbon filter. Finally, the Artcool and Deluxe models (new for 2021) use UVnano technology. Thanks to 4 flow cells, illuminated by a UV-C source, the fan inside the split unit is sterilized. Artcool and Deluxe have a complete 4-step air purification system: pre-filter (it traps the dust particles), Auto Cleaning (it prevents bacteria and molds), UVnano technology (it sterilizes the fan at 99.5%), ionizer (Plasmaster Ionizer Plus).


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