Neato: the new D8 model is available


Neato Robotics announced the global availability of its D8 robot vacuum. With a battery runtime of 100 minutes and a high-performance filter that captures up to 99% of allergens and dust particles, the product features the energy-saving Eco mode and the Turbo mode for those areas that need a more intense cleaning. With its D-shape design, Neato D8 has a large brush and a big dirt container. In addition, it uses the LaserSmart technology to map and navigate the home with precision. To protect the D8 model from accidental falls, an infrared sensor was installed. Starting from the first cleaning, and during the use, the device continues to map and adapt to the home. And using the new MyNeato app, it is possible to create “no-go zones” to determine where the robot can clean and where not.


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