Two Red Dot Awards for Haier with special mention


Haier Gas on Metal hob Series 6, the hi-tech and design hob launched by Haier as premium innovation for the kitchen in 2021, is among the winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design, with a special mention as “Innovative Product”. The appliance has its differentiating element in terms of design in the exclusive and elegant enamelled dark grey plate, with the glass insert that turns a simple stainless steel hob into a stylish fitting. Moreover, the ergonomic premium grids – characterized by square and symmetrical shapes – gives stability and provide a solid and modern look to the hob. The ultra-modern design of the product, with all components studied and produced by Italian suppliers, is accompanied by a series of technological solutions aimed to achieve excellent results in the kitchen and to cut down the time spent cooking. Premium and exclusive features of Haier Gas on Metal hob Series 6 are the 5 kw double crown burner and the PreciFlame technology, which allows to adjust the flame intensity thanks to nine pre-set and constant heat levels, ensuring precision in cooking.
Besides, also the I-Touch oven Series 6 is among the winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021, with a special mention as “Innovative Product”. Haier I-Touch Series 6’s design process was based on the study of the human proportions, in order to recalibrate the shape of the product and create a graceful and balanced aesthetic, able to redefine the space of numerous premium kitchen styles. At the same time, the components’ position and proportions are carefully studied, with dark glasses enriched with dark colored aluminum elements which, combined with the handles’ black shiny aluminum, create a perfect alignment with the door. Particular attention was given in the selection of exclusive materials and distinct details, with the aim to create subtle contrasts for a unique design. The color palette was carefully composed: frames and handle are aluminium extrusions in a personalized Sage Grey, while the control panel and the door dark grey areas elegantly frame the user interface or the logo and create a “ton sur ton” effect with the black area. Another fine match is created by mixing the brushed texture of the aluminium parts with the glossy effect of glass. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, the oven ensures a pleasant experience paired with a wide selection of options, cooking programs and recipes, that can be set and entirely managed also by the hOn App. Finally, the innovative programs offered by I-Touch Series 6 oven include the U-Create function, which allows the creation of personalized recipes by using a multistep program.