The “Anti-waste handbook” by InSinkErator


On the occasion of the World Earth Day (April 22nd), the American multinational InSinkErator proposes its “Anti-waste handbook” divided into four parts to help preserve the environment. The first part is “Storing food properly”: InSinkErator offers some tips on how to store food (for example, it is advisable to store potatoes together with apples as this ensures that the potatoes stay fresh longer). The second point is to dispose of organic waste with a domestic garbage disposal appliance: this product, which – as InSinkErator highlights – the US brand invented 80 years ago, shreds the organic waste until it is reduced to a semi-liquid stage and eliminates it through the sink. The third and fourth parts of the “Anti-waste handbook” consist in limiting the use of plastic bottles and using smart taps. The 4N1 Touch series of taps is InSinkErator’s proposal to help reduce the use of plastic bottles and water waste: these products deliver filtered water and also very hot water at a temperature of 99°C, perfect for preparing an infusion or speed up the cooking of pasta and vegetables.