Gfknewron 2.0, the AI-based intelligence solution

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

GfK presented the new advanced features of gfknewron 2.0, the AI-based intelligence solution. “Up to now, brands have had to spend 80% of their time sorting through the reams of market data, leaving just 20% of their time for the critical decision-making off the back of that data – GfK explains -. Gfknewron has flipped that around. Driven by powerful AI that is continuously validated by GfK’s experts, it gives instant access to GfK’s independent, predictive analytics for tech consumer goods across 27 countries and counting. Clients are using gfknewron to cut through the market noise and find signals that show what is coming. The latest features in a continuing path of upgrades now help GfK’s clients improve their marketing and trade spend, and inject a significantly improved KPI-driven drumbeat into their commercial organizations. Recently launched additional features include identifying the premium that consumers are willing to pay for one product over a similar one, plus a built-in simulator that tests the optimal price for a product promotion. Additionally, AI-enabled rolling forecasts deliver information that supports critical decisions around stock order and allocation, and users can now flip seamlessly between sales analytics (what people are buying) and a new section displaying consumer insights (why people are buying), all within one solution”.


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