Advanced technologies in the GA.MA’s iQ Perfetto hair dryer


The iQ Perfetto hair dryer, realized by GA.MA Italy Professional, includes advanced technologies in a very light appliance. “iQ Perfetto – the company explains – is the world’s lightest and most powerful hair dryer. It weighs only 294 grams, is ergonomic and compact because it is designed to prevent muscle damage to arms and shoulders resulting from use at a professional level. Equipped with the latest and most innovative technologies, such as Oxy Active technology, iQ Perfetto gives hair well-being, shine and long-lasting color (Oxy Active acts as a powerful antibacterial, sealing hair cuticles for longer color durability). This product guarantees very high-performance, combined with the construction features and design peculiar to the best Italian quality. The hair dryer is equipped with an intelligent brushless motor, an interface with digital control technology that increases product performance, reducing drying time by 30% compared to any other hair dryer currently available. A hi-tech self-diagnosis system allows user to easily identify and solve any operational problems. Auto-Clean technology rotates the engine turbine in the opposite direction, allowing deep self-cleaning of the filter. Through the Venturi Effect, iQ multiplies the airflow delivered by the engine, without using extra power”. The product also features Memory Function technology, a convenient speed and temperature memory system to recall previously selected settings among the 12 possible configurations. All this is easily managed thanks to its LED display.