COOKING APPLIANCES: Bertazzoni’s opinion


In the June issue of the HA factory magazine, in the article “Attention to electronics and sensors” (page 9), the Bertazzoni oven code was incorrectly published. The correct code is: F6011PROVPTN. We apologize to the company and readers and re-publish Bertazzoni’s contribution.
Valentina Bertazzoni, Style and Communication Manager
“Users’ specific requirements guide us in the technological development of our appliances: the special functions of the new built-in combi ovens, for instance, are irreplaceable allies to reach high qualitative cooking standards, maintaining best functionality and user-friendliness. New Bertazzoni steam ovens (ex. F6011PROVPTN) rely on 11 functions, controlled by the sturdy knobs and/or the high-resolution TFT touch display. Among them, Bertazzoni Assistant stands out, as real sous-chef for daily cooking, and it uses a smart interface to assure always the achievement of the programmed result. Bertazzoni Assistant autonomously manages a precise sequence of cooking functions, temperatures and times, allowing everybody to obtain perfect cakes and tender delicious roasts. This is enabled by the digital sensors of the cavity and by the food probe, which precisely control the temperature and the cooking homogeneity of dishes.

F6011PROVPTN oven is provided with Bertazzoni Assistant, Total Steam function, TFT display and thermal probe.

It is possible to monitor constantly on the display the selected functions and the cooking duration, besides the oven temperature in real time. Moreover, the appliance automatically switches off at the end of the preparation, assuring perfectly cooked foods without any error margin. Furthermore, today with new Bertazzoni steam ovens it is possible to adopt a healthy diet, without giving up taste and shortening preparation times. The Total Steam function uses pure steam cooking foods, preserving their nutritional properties, vitamins and minerals, while providing at the same time a cooking rich in tastes. The Steam Assist function allows instead combining the standard cooking functions with steam injections in three levels (minimum, medium and maximum), assuring intense tastes and perfect consistencies.
New steam ovens are manufactured in the three series Professional, Modern and Heritage: in addition to built-in ovens, the product range is completed by free-standing stoves, hobs, refrigerators, dishwashers and combinable suction hoods”.

Bertazzoni PRO905IMFESXT stove with 5 induction zones.