Bosch: new Series 6 ovens with Hotair 3D technology and steam pulses


The new Bosch Series 6 ovens presents the Hotair 3D technology, which activates both the fan and the circular electric heating element located on the rear wall of the oven. Working in synergy, the fan quickly and evenly distributes the heat produced by the heating element which, expanding throughout the oven cavity, heats the cavity at 360° with a three-dimensional effect. “In this way – the company says – it is possible to cook different dishes on different levels, without any mixing of flavours and aromas, achieving perfect cooking results every time: whether it is a question of cooking a dish from the beginning, or regenerating, using the special function, dishes that have already been prepared or prepared the day before”. The new Bosch 6 Series ovens with steam pulses have a 220 ml removable water tank that can be easily refilled. The intensity of the steam pulses can be set manually, as required, or automatically. “Those who are new to the kitchen or want to simplify their daily cooking routine can let themselves be guided by the AutoPilot function – the company adds -. Thanks to the 30 pre-set automatic programmes, all you have to do is put the food in the oven, enter the weight, press Start and let AutoPilot do the rest: from choosing the most suitable function, with or without steam, to the temperature and duration, right through to turning the oven off when it is cooked”.