LG enters the dishwasher market in Italy


LG Electronics enters the dishwasher market in Italy for the first time by introducing the LG QuadWash range. These products are equipped with the TrueSteam technology, which is a 100˚ hot steam jet capable of removing up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria from the dishes. The steam is sprayed from the bottom and from the top of the tub, removing all types of rings and the tiny minerals that remain attached to the dishes. The steam is composed of 100% water, without the addition of detergents and additives, and is certified by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). Besides, the dishwasher tub is completely made of stainless steel and the QuadWash technology, thanks to the multidirectional rotation of four spray arms, guarantees high washing performance. Compared to the traditional two-arm system, the four Multi-Motion arms are able to reach every corner of the tub, offering a complete cleaning of all the dishes from multiple angles during the entire cycle. In addition, the range is also equipped with EasyRack, the practical system of adjustable baskets with customizable rack: in particular, the third basket can be adjusted to three different heights. Finally, LG QuadWash Steam presents the Dual Zone system that allows user to set different washing modes in the upper and lower basket depending on the quantity of dishes present. Other pluses of the product are: the fast cycle (1 hour); AOD (Auto Open Dry) which automatically opens the door at the end of the washing program, facilitating drying; Inverter Direct Drive Motor; connection with the ThinQ app. LG QuadWash Steam is available in three freestanding models and two built-in models.


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