Electrolux: the “2-Infinity” prototype vacuum cleaner


During the Circular Initiative 2021, the “2-Infinity” prototype vacuum cleaner has been unveiled by Electrolux in partnership with Stena Recycling. The appliance is close to being fully recyclable, to a level of 90% compared to around 75% for a regular vacuum cleaner on the market. As a next step a small pre-series of up to 300 appliances will be evaluated for production. The 2-Infinity is the second prototype developed within the Stena Recycling partnership. The first prototype was made from 100% recycled materials and reused components, and it was unveiled in October 2020. “The development of 2-Infinity has given us opportunities to exchange knowledge with expert partners and gain insight into how we can create and produce even more sustainable products globally”, says Martin Hedström, Head of Insights & Innovation at Electrolux.