Okida: electronic control modules for refrigerators and freezers


In its product range, Okida offers electronic control modules for refrigerators and freezers to manage food, keeping it fresh, even when the ambient temperature is high. Through these controls it is possible to set the temperatures of the different compartments and the optimal preservation mode, optimizing the consumption and guaranteeing the healthiness of the food. The temperatures can be adjusted according to the different compartments of the fridge or freezer, thanks to NTC sensors that allow high precision temperature regulation. All controls are on a LED display with capacitive touch buttons that make the user experience intuitive. In addition, there are a series of functions that the customer can use on its product such as: rapid freezing, Eco mode (it optimizes the operation of the refrigerator or freezer allowing user to save energy), defrosting (it prevents the formation of ice inside the refrigerator), acoustic alarm in case of anomaly/malfunction, warning tones (it’s possible to choose among different tones), function lock and lighting for doors and interiors (it’s possible to customize and choose the lighting mode).