Semiconductors: WSTS re-calculates its forecast for 2021

Image by akitada31 from Pixabay

WSTS has re-calculated its forecast using the figures of the second quarter 2021. Following 6.8 percent growth in 2020 the worldwide semiconductor market is expected to grow to US$ 551 billion in 2021, which represents a growth-rate of 25.1 percent. This reflects a growth in all major product categories. The largest growth contributors are Memory with 37.1 percent, followed by Analog with 29.1 percent and Logic with 26.2 percent. In 2021 all geographical regions are expected to show a double-digit growth. The Asia Pacific region is expected to grow 27.2 percent. Europe is expected to recover in 2021 and is expected to show a market increase of 26.4 percent. The Americas are expected to show a growth of 21.5 percent and Japan 17.7 percent. For 2022, the global semiconductor market is projected to grow by 10.1 percent to US$ 606 billion, driven by a double-digit growth of the Memory category.