Grundig’s new Himalaya 75 refrigerator with extra-capacity


Grundig has launched its new Himalaya 75 refrigerator, which – as pointed out by the company – offers 45% more space than a standard combo. Designed to fit niches of 75 cm, with a height of 193 cm, Himalaya 75 allows user to have a total capacity of 405 liters. “More space” translates not only into greater capacity but also into better food preservation, thanks to innovative technological solutions such as VitaminZone for the preservation of fruit and vegetable vitamins. It is a special alternation of light stimuli inside the fruit and vegetable drawer that simulate the natural 24-hour solar cycle: colored lights follow each other (4 hours blue light, 2 hours green light, 6 hours red light and 12 hours dark ) to allow vitamins A and C and nutrients to be better preserved. Himalaya 75 is also equipped with AeroFresh, the latest evolution of Grundig technology in terms of the Total No Frost system. The appliance has two separate and independent cooling systems that allow to maximize the performance by ensuring a perfect level of humidity in the refrigerator compartment and a dry environment in the freezer.


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