Haier’s Milan Experience Design Center debuts at MDW 2021


Haier’s Milan Experience Design Center presents itself to the public during the Milano Design Week 2021. Created in late 2020 with the aim of extending and integrating the traditional product-centric approach towards a way of designing capable of leveraging connectivity, data and consumer information to improve the user experience and create domestic ecosystems, the Milan Experience Design Center (MED) is a multidisciplinary and multicultural team, led by Federico Ferretti, a designer with over 20 years of experience. The team consists of 15 members of 6 different nationalities and is part of the Haier Global Design Network. In the days of MDW 2021, MED proposes at Superstudio Più the Liquidsound Hackathon – Rethinking wine cellars experience, created in collaboration with IED Milan, and the presentation of Delight, a new concept of oven and induction hob designed to revolutionize the interaction between users and product.