Haier presents its idea of smart kitchen


Haier has chosen the Milano Design Week – and in particular the spaces of Superstudio Più – to present its idea of smart kitchen. Together with the best of the brand’s offer in the field of refrigeration, wine cellars and washing, Haier presented the Series 4 and Series 6, the complete ranges of kitchen appliances featuring Artificial Intelligence. “Series 4 and Series 6 – the company explains – mean premiumness and technology that come together in a complete range of ovens, microwaves, hobs, hoods, refrigerators and dishwashers that take advantage of connectivity, the hOn app and AI to offer tailor made solutions and to integrate perfectly into modern kitchens, thanks also to the elegant and minimal design”. The attention to design can count on the design team of the Milan Experience Design Center. Among the innovations proposed by Haier for the kitchen of the future there is the Chef@Home oven, which thanks to a presence sensor turns on automatically giving the user access to the 19” full touch control screen and, through it, to the “Cook with me” technologies. In particular, the PreciTaste technology is able to recognize the types of food in the oven, automatically set the cooking parameters and send a notification when the food is ready. The hi-tech solutions are also visible in the induction products: thanks to the PreciProbe bluetooth temperature probe – which the Chef@Home oven is also equipped with – the hob controls the food temperature, automatically choosing the correct power and notifying the user when the food is ready. Furthermore, exclusive features of the Series 4 and Series 6 are the Multizone technology (which thanks to an advanced temperature detection system and an optimized power management is able to detect and manage the presence of pots of different sizes in the same area, guaranteeing the maximum flexibility) and the VaryCook technology, which allows user to move pots and pans without touching the controls thanks to the three preset power levels (high, medium and low), giving the possibility to cook food at different power in the different cooking phases. Gas hobs complete the range: Haier offers models with 5 kW burners and PreciFlame technology, which allows to adjust the flame intensity to nine power levels.