GE Appliances: partnership with Google Cloud


GE Appliances and Google Cloud announced a multi-year partnership to build innovative technologies to elevate the consumer experience in the kitchen and in homes. GEA turned to Google Cloud for its world-class expertise in data, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to accelerate this evolution and will integrate these capabilities into its entire appliance development process, from ideation to the production line. The two companies will work together to develop the next generation of smart appliances with Google Cloud Vision AI. And GEA will benefit from Google Cloud’s seamless integration with other Google platforms and technologies such as Android and Google Assistant. Google Cloud will also support GEA in enhancing its AI-enabled intelligent product platform, which provides appliance owners with personalized features, insights, and energy-saving recommendations. For commercial customers, the platform will help manage fleets of appliances, decrease unplanned downtime, extend product life, and ultimately reduce their total cost of ownership.