Artisan: accessories designed for every food preparation


Kitchenaid’s Artisan stand mixer accessories are becoming more and more numerous. Among the tools available there are for example the set for homemade pasta, the meat mincer and the vegetable mill. The pasta set consists of three pieces: the dough sheeter with 8 settings and two accessories for cutting the dough. The meat mincer, on the other hand, chops, grates and grinds quickly. In addition to the meat, it is ideal for grating hard cheeses, vegetables, dried fruit, etc. This accessory also includes a removable tray and a handy pestle, and is dishwasher safe to make cleaning quick and easy. With the vegetable mill the user can realize creamy preparations: initially the chopper finely chops the ingredients, then the vegetable mill removes seeds and peels until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. This accessory is also dishwasher safe. Another useful accessory is the slicer/grater with three blades that allow to slice or grate in different ways. The blades and the pestle can be washed in the dishwasher.