Panasonic: further development for the nanoe technology


Panasonic announced that through collaboration with Professor Emeritus Yoshio Higashiyama of Yamagata University, it has developed a new nanoe X device that generates 100 times more Hydroxyl (OH) radicals than the conventional nanoe device. As a result, the latest nanoe X device delivers increased effectiveness in air purification and deodorization in indoor spaces. Since it developed the first nanoe device in 2003 designed to improve the air environment, Panasonic has continued to pursue nanoe technology over the years. “While the conventional nanoe X device adopts a multi-leader discharge system that achieves a concentrated electric discharge using a 4-needle-shaped counter electrode plate – the company explains -, this newly developed nanoe X device has evolved through its round-leader discharge system that discharges electricity in a circular pattern to increase the area for generating OH radicals. This allows the new nanoe X device to increase the amount of OH radicals generated to 48 trillion radicals per second, 100-fold compared to the nanoe device, while maintaining the advantages of nanoe’s weak acidity and long life properties. This has led to the achievement of the new nanoe X device with further improved cleanliness effects”.