Grundig’s new campaign against food waste

Massimo Bottura, Grundig brand ambassador

Grundig has accepted the United Nations appeal to help fight food waste, launching a new communication campaign aimed at promoting a better awareness on this global issue. The initiative is connected to two days of global activation: the International Day of Awareness on Food Loss and Waste, which was celebrated on September 29th, and the World Food Day (October 16th). The campaign aims to create a common awareness in which it is clear that the food waste is a topic closely linked to the emission of greenhouse gases and, consequently, to the climate change. With a Call to Action, Grundig invites companies, collaborators and consumers to join the campaign according to the motto “The more we are, the more we halve”. For the launch of this international project and the Call to Action, the company has involved Massimo Bottura, its Brand Ambassador. The campaign is developed on the digital and social channels of the HQ and of the countries in which the brand operates: on September 29th, Massimo Bottura’s video announcement launched a rich editorial planning, consisting of 7 video-animations with some reflections on the food waste and simple tips on how to fight it. For the conception and realization of the video-animation drawings, Grundig involved the artist Gianluca Biscalchin.